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Which event is harder to complete??

DoubleB423 Posts: 252 Level 4
I am very interested in seeing how this poll turns out....   Cast your vote! 

P.s. This is a good way to get folks to the ballot box as well.  If even ONE person goes to the polls in the coming elections because of this small thing, I will be thrilled that I, in some way, have made a difference...

Which event is harder to complete?? 5 votes

Bubblegum Troll
tininha1975 1 vote
Olivia the Octopus
Rachel the Raccoon
DoubleB423Sofia1992 2 votes
The Jelly Queen
flew66McQueenJelord 2 votes


  • Sofia1992
    Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
    Rachel the Raccoon
    I still remember Rachel's event and oh my...It was a big pain especially level 7 of her event.
    I have never passed this level and no matter how hard I tried, I failed over and over again (I didn't have any boosters or gold bars so to help me pass that hardcore level) . 
    As the result, time was over and I lost Rachel in the end.

    BubbleGum Troll's event was fun and I completed all expect from few levels which were super hard (I've got him and his outfit in the end) while Jelly Queen's event was awesome and I really enjoyed it.

    And about Olivia...well...I didn't have the chance to try her event cause I started to play from Summer 2019 so...I didn't play her event at all.
  • MAHIR6161
    MAHIR6161 Posts: 1 Newbie

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