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The 10 categories of players in CCFS! You, what kind of player you are?

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5


Hello to my sweetest and greatest members of this awesome community and also, to welcome and the newest ones too! Today, after a small thought, I really wanted to make something special and great so a very special idea came out from my mind.

All of us played Candy Crush Friends Saga (some started the previous year like me while some others started from when the game launched in our phones) . We all played and had fun and gained a lot of experiences from playing many levels and even making decisions like which character will gonna choose in the levels and so, after that experience with CCFS, have you ever wondered what kind of player you are (in CCFS actually since this community is for this game ONLY) !

So, let's see those categories of players in CCFS:

1) The excited player

Excited player is the player who is always be cheerful and enjoys the game a lot. But the excitement from this player gets bigger when a new event comes and if this even has and a new character on it, he makes party!

2) The impatient player

The impatient player as you will notice from this category, has nothing else in his mind than to complete all the levels in the game and fast. But when he will reached in the last level of this game, instead of waiting until the next week for new levels, he will go and play another Candy Crush Games. And after a week, he might return back in CCFS so to complete those levels but if in case, an octopus challenge or a star event will gonna appear in his way, he will stuck completely!

3) The undecided player

The undecided player is the player who can't make decisions. He can't even decide which character to take in a certain level or even he doesn't even decide what kind of stragety he will use so to complete this level. With few words, it like that he lives in dark.

4)The master/pro player

The master/pro player is the player who mastered the whole game and he knows everything. From the character's skills until and how every level works. This player has all the stars in all levels so if you have any questions, then you can ask them. They are so rare like diamonds.

5)The angry player

The angry player is the one who always get angry. He will be pissed off no matter what, and he will gonna feel like game is totally unfair and if he loses in a level, then prepare to run somewhere else and hide cause you wouldn't like to be next to him if this person gets angry a lot. His anger is like a volcano that will gonna explode anytime and anywhere.

6)The easy-going player

The easy-going player is a relaxing type player who enjoys the game and the life generally. It's so calm that he doesn't care if he will gonna complete all the levels or not, so he just want to have fun. Even if he loses from a level, he still feel calm...very calm!

7)The 'winner' player

The 'winner' player is actually the player who loves winning and only. He only cares for victories in this game and all his life is hanging from victories. If in case he loses a level, he will gonna go in the corner and cry a lot and he will gonna feel heartbroken completely and he will take him a while until to recover from this.

8)The collector player

The collector player is the player who will gonna have all the characters in this game (listen me well ! ALL THE CHARACTERS) including their outfits and even and their special 'silver' , 'gold' and 'rainbow' outfits from the achievements feature! A real collector must have those them all in his scrapbook!

9) The stragetist player

The stragetist player is the player who will always have a stragetic in his sleeve on how to complete a level. He doesn't make fast moves while he always have a plan B if in case level fails. With few words, this player uses his mind a lot than his arms!

10) The player who loves to spend alot of money in this game

Last but not least, in this category includes actually the players who will spend even and their last cent in this game. The reason isn't just actually to pass a hard level so they will gonna buy with real money boosters but they do it continuously. With few words, they spend and spend and spend and spend with their credit cards a lot and in the end , they end up with no cents and boosters in their game which they will use only few of them..

That's all! Now I want you to write down in the comments and tell me what kind of players you are in CCFS.

I can't wait to see your comments below. See ya around!

The 10 categories of players in CCFS! You, what kind of player you are? 47 votes

The excited player
wafercookieflippersbearwithmeCrimson_DawnAshrafNat09yukibearactresskingcrushinitlulu13BQN537Redbonebeauty1CoconathecatShannaSkywolfcindys1dggCowStalker22TahsinSagar 17 votes
The impatient player
Sharon_Loose 1 vote
The undecided player
The master/pro player
Mark_PeggSukanta_Biswas[Deleted User]meme032463 4 votes
The angry player
The easy-going player
QueenMiafirebombmarkuschristine88candystripeLotus_Flowersenglert_120akthamabualiLuda21176JAVI73 9 votes
The 'winner' player
The collector player
_Elsa_ScooterpieMattia_mysticalmystycandycrushinitSofia1992wbh_ceciliabakedbaconsrebelchild 9 votes
The stragetist player
flew66ToosweetAcvcaambujgr33n3y3zAbhinavSargar 6 votes
The player who loves to spend alot of money in this game
mbaciorowski 1 vote


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