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LEVEL 2452 tips ?

pluisje Posts: 61 Level 3

Hello ,

I’m now stuck on this level for several days has anyone some tips or tricks to pass this level ?

I have already try to pass it with all 3 the boosters , i seems impossibly to pass the level with only 30 moves ?

And yes I read the level designer tips but I can’t get pass the level !

Thanks for answering !


  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 32,498 Candy Moderator
    edited February 2020

    Hello @pluisje Hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂

    Can you please tell me which game you are playing and what device are you using?

    I would like to make sure about the game as you have mentioned that "you tried the level with all 3 boosters"!! Is it the Lollipops OR the pre-game boosters?

    Talk to you soon!

  • pluisje
    pluisje Posts: 61 Level 3

    Hai @PummyRaj ,

    Thx for answering!

    I play Ccf , i think hou mean the pre game booster what you get white the daily suprise and when you get the daily targets ? I don’t know how it is called in English I come from Holland , and yes i try also to beat iT with my lollipops 🍭 so that’s also not working I don’t have many lollipops left

    my device is iPad

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 295 Level 3

    That's a tough one...I had started the level with all 3 pre-game boosters (friendly charge, coloring candy and fish), and I still had to use a striped lollipop to finish. I played with the nutcracker though, not the bubblegum troll, so maybe try that if you haven't already and see if it makes a difference. Good luck!

  • pluisje
    pluisje Posts: 61 Level 3

    Hai @ellectra ,

    So , I think ... that the only way you get the level is with boosters and lollipops but even then it’s seems almost impossible to get level

    so my respect that you get trough the level !!!

    and yes when I had all 3 pre game booster ,I tryded too get trough the level, but sadly I must wait to get them all 3 again to go for another attempt !

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 295 Level 3

    Yes, some of these higher levels are a nightmare. I had a big stack of lollipops (about 70 of each) and in these last weeks I have needed them. Save some of yours for 2455 - I have been trying to pass that one without boosters and so far I haven't been able to...

  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,979 Community Manager

    Hey there @pluisje @ellectra and @PummyRaj 🤗

    Have you managed to pass the level now, @pluisje?

    Just wanted to let you know that we have a tip from the level designers themselves on that level - Check it out here. It's form the guy who created the level, so I'm sure it's going to be helpful 😉

    We have a whole Tips section that we fill up with new levels every Wednesday!

    Good luck on passing it but also, very well done for getting that high! I'm still far behind 😅

    Happy playing to you all and see you around the Community 🍒

  • pluisje
    pluisje Posts: 61 Level 3
    edited February 2020

    Hai @QueenMia ,

    Thx for asking , but no I not managed to pass the level , and yes I see the designer tips for this level , I try that also , but not with succes ,

    i think it is impossible too pass the level whiteout all boosters you can get incl lollipops whitin 30 moves ! And even then it’s hard too pass the level so not almost impossible!

    so for the first time ever I play this game Im almost on the point too quite the game

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