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Odus Challenge Progress Bar

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 866 Game Expert

Hey ho my friends.

Sofia is here and this time, I'm here to suggest my first idea so to make this game sweeter and better for everyone.

Let's start with something very very simple and recent too.

As all of us (actually almost all of us) , we encounter Odus Challenge. Look the screenshot below and you will understand what exactly I mean.

Yes, that Odus Challenge I'm talking about.

Odus Challenge is the simpliest event ever as that all you have to do in order to reach gold and get all prizes including boosters and costumes is just to complete 10 quests BUT...this challenge has a negative thing.

It hasn't have a progress bar like all the other events too. And that's a problem.

Cause if someone doesn't take screenshots on how many quests he/she completed from when the Odus Challenge started until the end of this event, then he/she will get confused .

And the reasons that someone might not take screenshots on this event is these ones:

1) He just forgot it.

2) If it's a kid or beginner player, then might doesn't know how to take screenshots.

3) Or sometimes, in this challenge I noticed that it might have an issue and as the result, while it counts the quests correctly, this event doesn't appear the right message so to show you that you are in bronze, silver or gold position and as the result, the player gets confused too.

Anyway , as I said I noticed that and in the previous Odus Challenge and even now too.

Don't you believe me? Take a look in the previous Odus Challenge too.

So, please people from King, please for our own good, put a progress bar on Odus Challenge like in other events too.

So to know if we complete those quests and how many we complete in order to reach in gold and get all the prizes too.

P.S: Please my friend @Elsa . Include this idea in the list with the other ideas too!

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