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  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 9,567 Superstar

    Hello @Shy145shy Hearty Welcome to our friendly King Community πŸ€—

    You do not have to worry about that pop-up at all! What it means is that one of the players from the list that you you are sending lives as an old ID that is not working anymore OR that player was removed or something along those lines!! Unfortunately, we, as players cannot to do anything from our side to avoid that pop-up as we do not know which player's is that ID!!

    King team can look into it but it's not a prioritized glitch!!

    Hope this made sense and clarifies! Please post back if you further questions. Simply type your comment in the empty dialogue box provided below.

    Thank you for posting in the Community! Have a great week ahead 🍬

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