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Candy Crush Friends Saga Easy Guides - The blockers

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

Hello! Welcome to the new series of the special guides from the Game Expert of your heart Sofia.

This time, we have a special surprise. It's something that I inspired from someone very special to me. Today, a very special announcement released from our great community manager @QueenMia . As we know, a very special blocker will come to CCFS very soon and its name thanks to our friend @debrichmond will gonna be called 'Hazelnut Crunch' and it's this one:

So, after those new nutty blockers will be released in CCFS and learn more about them soon, how about to make a small journey in this wonderful guide and learn more about all the kind of blockers until now in this awesome game.

Caramel Cups

Can be up to 6 layer and Nutcracker does extra damage when he uses his move on them

Licorice Swirls

Stops striped candy from passing through. Also, it can be stuck in a licorice lock, mints and jelly (stuck licorice swirls do not stop striped candy from passing through) and Purple jam will fall through if another blocker is not blocking the flow

Licorice Locks

Can hold both candy, special candy and licorice swirls and Purple jam will fall through if another blocker is not blocking the flow. To remove match the candy in it with 2 others or use a special candy to hit it or using a color bomb with that color.


Red Rabbit does extra damage. You can see what is stuck in them when you get down to 2 layers and it can contain candy, special candy and licorice swirls


Buttons have up to 4 layers. Removing one button will also remove any that are attached to it even if it is 4 layers (you can see the string between the buttons) and the Best to focus on one of the attached buttons as hits to others will have no impact since you can just remove 1 to remove all that are on the same string

Pound Cake

Can be up to 6 layers and hitting one will make it hit the pound cake next to it

Empty fish

Match next to it or hit with special candy to fill and once filled 4 fish are released.


Has up to 4 layers and damage can cross gaps. Introduced during the Bubblegum Troll quests and level 1661 in regular game


There are up to 6 layers in jelly and match next to it or hit with special candy. You can see what is stuck in them when you get down to 2 layers

Raspberry Twister Cake

Each match beside or hit will remove 1 of it's 8 raspberry stripes and matching 2 fish or fish landing beside does not hit it. After the raspberry stipes are removed it will explode and hit everything on the board once and it takes up 2x2 squares on the board.

Chocolate Eggs

Remove by matching beside or hitting with special candy and removing adds 5 more moves


Hit or match next to it for 1 hit revealing 1 of its 8 tentacles with each hit and needs 8 hits to set off all the tentacles to hit around it.

It takes up 2x2 squares on the board and each of his 8 tentacles hits the squares in their direction 2 deep fo 2 hits damage (if near the edge does not get full impact)


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