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Candy Crush Friends Saga Easy Guides - The boosters

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

Hello everyone and welcome to my new special guide series with the Game Expert of your heart, Sofia.

Today, we will talk about boosters. Boosters (sometimes known as a Power-ups) are items in Candy Crush Friends Saga that can be used to simplify gameplay and they do this in various forms. Some boosters are activated via the screen before the game starts, while others can be activated during gameplay.

With boosters, things are a bit easier and you can pass levels easier but it's hard to collect them if you think that in CCFS you need a certain numbers of stickers in order to get them.

So, let's see those boosters which are in two types: Pre-game boosters and In-game boosters.

Pre-game boosters

The following boosters can be activated before the start of a level. They can set off at the following order:

  1. Friendly Charge (and Friendly Fish if any)
  2. Friendly Coloring Candy
  3. Color Bomb
  • Friendly Charge (30 stickers for two hours): Your character's charge will be instantly filled at the start of the level, allowing them to use their power straight away!
  • Friendly Coloring Candy (30 stickers for two hours): A Coloring Candy that fits your character is activated at the start of the level.
  • Friendly Fish (30 stickers for two hours): Every time your character’s ability is activated, a Candy Fish will appear and find a target. If the center of ability is at tiles with jam, the fish will be dipped in jam and can spread it.

In-game boosters

These boosters can be activated at any time during a level. Simply tap the button at the bottom to activate!

  • Lollipop Hammer (30 stickers for one): This hard-boiled sweetie can smash through Candies, blockers and other obstacles. Just select any point on the board, and bash away!
  • Striped Lollipop Hammer (60 stickers for one): The striped version works like the regular Lollipop Hammer, but also blasts all the Candies in a horizontal and vertical line.
  • Wrapped Lollipop Hammer (60 stickers for one): This works like the regular version, but with an extra boom for your booster. The Wrapped Lollipop Hammer explodes on impact, taking out all of the surrounding Candies. That's a wrap!

How to get those boosters?

  • Completing Daily Quests every day or enter every day in the game so to get a free box

  • In Dach's mystery chest

  • When you complete a map of every episode. Actually, after completing 20 levels in every episode, you will see in the end of map a big box with rewards on it and yes, it includes and boosters too.

  • And though very special events like star chaser event and Odus Challenge too.


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