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Candy Crush Friends Level Designers Tips - Level 751

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 9,543 Community Manager

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Hello lovely people,

We have some sweet treats for you in the Candy Crush Friends Community!

Today is no simple day! Today is Wednesday and that means that It's level tips day!

Our talented Level Designers - yes, that's correct, those guys who make the magic happen - are sharing tips on their favourite levels... Just for YOU πŸ€—

Here is some help for level 751 (Episode 38): 

"The key to passing this level is spreading the jam as quickly as you can! Also make sure to aim down the central area to release the specials."

A big THANK YOU to our amazing Level Designers for sharing their tips!

Now you have all you need to help you pass all these levels πŸ€— Good luck!

Find more level tips here!

Let us know below which one is your favourite for our level designers to share their tips 🍭

Happy playing to you all and don't forget to have fun πŸ’

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