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Level 478 CCF

Pyro Posts: 5 Level 2
edited May 2020 in Discussions

This level is WAY ** Edited by CM - rude ** hard. I ended up needing to buy lollipop hammers just to FINISH it. Either up the damn moves or lessen the hits on the furthest jellies. I used to be a SuperStar. I miss it sometimes. Then there are levels like this that make me never want to play any of the games again. The Friends take time to fill up to give their specials (don't have a problem with that) so there is NO way to break thru the jellies by yourself...and by the time the Friend fills up it is already TOO LATE.

C'mon're better than this ** Edited by CM - rude ** .

Sigh. I do miss my SuoerStar status...

Peace out Crushers.


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