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Chapter 1: How it all began

ElsaElsa Posts: 31,496 Community Hub Moderator
edited May 2020 in Candy Friends Stories

Once upon a time … there was this old, vintage, rickety house filled to the brim with old vintage rickety things. 

Tilde who lives in this old rickety house occupies the top floor. On the ground floor is her antique shop “Tilde’s Trove”. The store is filled with a fascinating collection of lamps, toys, magazines, old furniture, old-time soda machines and vintage board games. Yes, Aunt Tilde is a collector.  

One day, she finds herself collecting her two nieces, Kimmy and Tiffi, now orphans who need a new home. Sadly, but hopefully, she takes them in to live with her in her old rickety vintage house above her antique shop.  

From all of her most valuable vintage collections, her most prized possession is a forbidden collection of vintage board games which she has piled up from floor to ceiling.   There is the classic Yeti Trap, the collectible Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, the rare La Pesca Magica, and of course a prized copy of the beloved standard, Candy Kingdom.  

Let’s continue here – What’s going on Tiffi?

Start at the beginning – Welcome to the Candy Kingdom Chronicles!

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