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"The Diggi's Ascension" to CCF

starsweetstarsweet Posts: 484 Level 3
edited January 20 in The Friends Files

- Event description: Help Diggi to reach the surface of the Candy Kingdom and introduce him to our friends.

- Duration: 30 days

- Start conditions: Level 19

- Level type: "Release the animals" and "Fill the hearts"

- Characters: Diggi (From Diamond Digger) 

* Diggi is a star mole who loves diamonds, stars and candies.He dig so much in his world that came to the Candy Kingdom, now he has new friends and loves to discover sweet treasures.

- Skill: Each 12 yellow candies add a brightly "Sugar Star candy" to the board.

- Development:

- A new map: "The Candy Kingdom Underground" (Chocolate caves with brightly sugar crystals and candy roots) The levels sequence should be slight tilt upwards (like rungs) and at the end of the map a hole to the surface.

- A new candy: The "Sugar Star candy" (Brightly amber) when you move it explodes in five directions in a 7×7 area (similar to the cyan bubblegum blocker)

- 10 levels and a 35 stars chaser to win the character.

* I know that Diggi is not from Candy Kingdom but he belongs King, he is so friendly, cute and smiling and it's already in 3D format so he is perfectly adjusted to the characteristics and requirements of CCF.

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