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Level 2537 impossible not enough moves

Soda_botteletSoda_bottelet Posts: 232 Level 3

How can I complete for on level 2537 with 25 moves on Windows 10-app?????

Because it’s not enough for the number of moves! And it is a lot of blockers with five and six-layered on board.

But I NEED a gold bars because for I want for these level with extra moves to play. For I have ZERO gold bars for more than 1 year!


  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend
    edited June 2020

    @Soda_bottelet apologies ended up on wrong forum please see post below

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 12,503 Level 5

    Hello @Soda_bottelet 👋

    Check out videos made by @JustPlaying our video creator. Go to the 3 lines at the top right corner and then go to “Videos” and search the level you were stuck on.

    Since I cannot help you directly because of my lower progress in the 1000s, I will tag the other Game Experts to come help.

    @Nat09 @flew66 @Sofia1992 @gr33n3y3z

    A screenshot would be helpful in figuring out how to complete the level for me.

  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
    edited June 2020

    Hey @candycrushinit .

    Thanks for the tag and @Soda_bottelet , although I didn't reach in that level yet, still I will try to help you.

    Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 2537 

    Goal: Spread 75 Purple Jam in 30 moves


    Obstacles and Helpers:

    • Color Bomb
    • Special Candy Dispensers
    • Caramel Cups
    • Fizz
    • Blue Fizz
    Ok, In that case I would suggested you to use Mr.Yeti and focus on the bottom corners.
    You need to destroy those caramel blockers and also, try to use all time-boosters like my best friend @AbhinavSargar would said.
  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 11,134 Ambassador

    Hi @Soda_bottelet, sorry you’re having a hard time with this level. I would use Yeti for this one, although if Nutcracker is an option he would do as well. Always try to see if you can make a bomb before making a move, so take your time, don’t rush it. If you have a bomb, try and see if you can match it with a striped or wrapped candy, if there is none, can you make one next to your bomb. You also have five rows of striped candy ( see on top of your board) so if you make a match underneath, it will give you a striped candy. Personally I would try to destroy from the middle and work outwards.

    Here in the community you can win gold bars by entering contests, there’s a few going on right now, so check it out.

    Hope it helps, good luck, I know you can do it 😊🐰

  • AbhinavSargarAbhinavSargar Posts: 3,726 Level 5

    Hi @Soda_bottelet Welcome to the Candy Crush Friends Saga Community,

    You are having Problems with Level 2537 ?!

    I see Game Experts have given you very helpful tips.


    ¶ As this Level is Jam Level, You Need to use Jelly Queen as Most Preferred Character for the Level. Other Characters You Can use are Misty, Nutcracker, Bubblegum Troll, Odus and Yeti.

    ¶ Keep Targeting in lower regions of the Level Board and try making cross blasts. Cross Blasts are Combination of Stripped Candies with another Stripped Candies or with Wrapped Candies.

    ¶ This Level has color bomb and Special Candies Cannon/Dispenser. Use them for Combination with Stripped Candies Mostly and Wrapped Candies. Try to make Combination of 2 Color Bombs / 2 Colouring Candy / 1 Color Bomb and 1 Colouring Candy.

    ¶ As @Sofia1992 Mentioned, You Need to use Timed Boosters/Pre-Level Boosters for Effective Use. You can earn them in Quests, Events and Everytime Completing 1 Map. They are-

    Collect them and use them together for Effective Use. They are time limited. So, use them before time runs out. They can be seen in the Circular Area Below-

    Some Videos-

    Some Guides-




    I hope this Helps. Best Of Luck👍️Have a Nice Day.

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