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Yeti and Pan-Pan chat

ElsaElsa Posts: 29,074 Superstar
edited July 13 in Candy Friends Stories

Shortly after Tiffi leaves the forest, Yeti shows up.

“Hey, hey, hey – who are you?” Yeti questions. “I never saw you here before.” 

Pan-Pan tells Yeti how he was taken away from his parents because he is an endangered animal so the owners of the zoo wanted to make sure that their species doesn’t die.  He tells Yeti that he thinks they want to mate him with another panda bear when he gets older to keep the species going.  

“Wow Pan-Pan, I can relate to endangered species to an extent,” Yeti says. “The problem with my species is that the scientists don’t know if I exist or ever existed. Tiffi found this information on Google.”  

‘The search to find the Yeti can be traced back to the time of Alexander the Great, who in 326 BC set out to conquer the Indus Valley. Having heard stories of the Yeti he demanded to see one for himself, but local people told him they were unable to present one because the creatures could not survive at that low an altitude.

It is suggested that the Yeti myth originated in Tibet, and reached Nepal via the Sherpa, descendants of families who emigrated from the Khams region of Tibet across the Himalayan range in the middle of the sixteenth century.

The first scientist to investigate the Yeti was German Professor Ernst Schaefer. Allegedly, he was employed by the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler to search for the Yeti in 1938 in the hope that it would turn out to be the progenitor of the Aryan race. Schaefer reached the conclusion that the Yeti was in fact the Tibetan bear.

Sherpa tradition holds that the Yeti will only show itself to those who believe in it. Bigfoot sightings have been reported in every US state except Hawaii.’ (Info here)

Yeti knows that it’s real because he is a yeti and he is real! He gets so sad when people just don’t believe I exist. He tells Pan-Pan that he is going to get in touch with Tiffi so that the two of them can work on a solution together. That makes Pan-Pan very happy.  

“These characters here are really nice,” Pan-Pan thinks to himself. “Maybe I should just get Ling-Ling and we can move here.” 

Let’s continue - Tiffi does her googling!

Start at the beginning - The story of Pan-Pan and Ling-Ling

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