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🏅Weekly Race - Show us how many levels you've passed this week and collect your badges 🍭

QueenMia Posts: 12,979 Community Manager
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Hello dear Friends Community!

I know that you guys love to play Candy Crush Friends - But how many levels can you pass in a week?!

👉 Show us how many you can pass in a week to collect your Friend-Tastic badges 🙌

🍭 How?

Share your level at the beginning of the week and then again at the end of it (you can post both screenshots in the same comment!)

💫 Pass 15 levels or more and get the 15 levels badge

💫 Pass 30 levels or more and get the 30 levels badge

💫 Pass 50 levels or more and get the 50 levels badge

💫 Pass 75 levels or more and get the 75 levels badge

💫 Pass 100 levels or more and get the 100 levels badge

💫 Pass 150 levels or more and get the 150 levels badge

To make it easier for us not to miss your badges, make sure you show us both screenshots in the comments and let us know how many levels you have passed 😉

So now you have one more good reason to share your progress and show who's the Candy Crush Friends Boss 😎

Ready? Join by commenting below 👇👇

And when you're done...go back to your game by clicking  ➡️ HERE  ⬅️ 

🍭 You don't play Candy Crush Friends, yet?!

Well, you definitely should give it a try! Those cropsies are too cute not to help them out 😉

👉 Install the game HERE and enjoy the sugar rush 🌟

Some more info about the race:

You can share your progress every day, at any time - It does not have to be a proper full week, nor from Monday to Sunday. The most important is that we cheer for each other and share our successes! Together we're stronger and can beat more levels 💪😉

Badges are given manually, so bear with us - It might take a few days before you get them added to your profile.

Looking for more CCFS badges? Head over HERE to find them all!

Happy playing everyone and don't forget to have fun 🍒



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