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Please Add More Boosters 🎉Like Party Popper Booster, paintbrush...)

rajdeeptbrajdeeptb Posts: 3,412 Legend
edited November 2020 in Ideas

Hi Community Managers. 🙏

You should Add More Boosters In Friends Game . It Helps Us To Clear Levels. 🎉🎉

we Are Loosing Some Levels so close.😢 If we have Some Extra Boosters We Can Clear It Without Any Another Try. 😊

First Booster - Like Party Popper Booster .🎉

it Can Help To clear A layer In Our Level When We Are Founding Animals

And Second Is Like Striped brush 🚿🎨

And One More Is Free switch

We can switch Any Candy To smash it or For Making Boosters.

Please Add More Boosters It Can Help Too much.

Hi @MightyWolf ,@Diamond Lim What Is Your Opinion. Please Vote .

please Tag Active Candy Crush Friends Saga Players Also. 🙏

I have Posted It Again Because In first idea Have Not Any Vote Button.

Thats all 😊😊😊

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Be Safe And Enjoy 😊 ----- Have Fun 🎉🎉


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