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Character That Adds More Moves

BlueberryCupcakeBlueberryCupcake Posts: 800 Level 4
edited July 2021 in Ideas Archive

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Tiffi adds 3 fish, Yeti add a wrapped candy, Odus adds 2 striped candy, Misty adds fish/striped/wrapped/color bomb/coloring candy, Bubblegum Troll adds 2 bubble blast, and Rachel add a rainbow candy. But, we never seen a character that add move...

How about Chef Cherry from Soda saga? She might be good on adding more moves.

Here’s my prediction:

ABOUT: Chef Cherry is an expert of cooking dessert.

POWER: By collecting 15 or 20 green candy, she'll add 3-7 moves (3, 5, and 7)

COSTUME: Normal (550)

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