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Lost gold

JoJoM Posts: 8 Level 2

So, I updated my app like you advised, so could send & receive lives. And then my remaining gold disappeared. I buy a lot of gold so this is an issue that is not acceptable! Figure it out & give my gold back!!


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,996 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    Check App update> Sign out game> Restart device and wait 5 minutes after power on> Open game and sign in. Please clear the cache. Otherwise, play a level and it's there. It's a time lag sometimes Please don't worry.

    Good luck

    Hello, for the newbies I hereby warmly welcome to this community Would like to welcome. Here is a link that will help you further !!! Explore and discover the community, take part in the competitions and post diligently in the different areas. But please stay with the topic, otherwise there could be difficulties. Please also follow the rules in English to post. Then get on your way and I wish you a lot of fun here. We are always happy to answer any questions. Good luck

     I want to help you and navigate you better through the community. 

    Here & here is a how-to guide to help you find the different areas in the community! Here you can find all games at a glance. Here you get answers to the most common problems and here you can take part in discussions and competitions to win gold bars for your game.

    I wish you a nice day & have fun 😊 I am always available for questions and help.

    Please mark me with this @ sign. If the name is displayed, please click on it, it must be highlighted in bold. and I will be notified.  💖

  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 147,416 Candy Moderator

    Hi @JoJoM . Welcome to our Community

    Make sure updated your App . and please report this to our Player Support Team here

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 153,693 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Don't worry! You can click on "Contact Us" on bottom of the page then select "Problems with purchase" and then "Purchase items are not received" and finally you ask a problem and send Game ID (but use Game ID with phone as well and How to find your Game ID) that I hope they will help you but it taken longer.

    If you want to win gold bars on this game, you can click here to join and answer on this game's contests that you can chance to win gold bars. 😊

    🍭 Have a nice and safety day! Sugar Crush! 🍭

  • aijaziqbal
    aijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend

    Hi and welcome to the community.

    For missing Gold bars please contact directly to player support from the Settings of your game application. They will look at your game and it will be refunded to you.

    Best of luck.😀

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