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Confirm button for extra moves using Gold Bars

Just_Me-2 Posts: 274 Level 3
edited September 2020 in Discussions

Please add a confirm button for use of gold bars for extra moves or power ups. I was playing an old level 425 to complete quests and would intentionally lose the game to continue on that level. I had to do this because once the player wins that level it automatically teleports the player to the current level. I am on level 1730 and scrolling through the portal is really tedious and time-consuming. Why would I want to use 10 gold bars for level 425? I pressed the Give Up button but for some reason it skipped and hit the 10 gold bars for extra moves. I would really appreciate it if you could help reinstate the 10 gold bars. I already lost 10 gold bars two weeks ago when I accidentally hit the use of gold bars to continue playing an old level. I had 46 gold bars and only 26 now. I am very upset and cannot afford to lose any more. Screenshots are attached. Thank you.


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