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A way to communicate with Dachs’ Deliveries team members and replace those who don't play at all

AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,783 Legend
edited October 2020 in Ideas

🔷 I always have the same problem in Dachs’ Deliveries.... Some team members are lazy and do not play much and others do not play at all 😭 .. So can you create a way to communicate with them to alert them to play, or contact them to find out if they will play or not ...

🔷 or remove those who do not play in the team and replace them with someone else who plays... Let us be able to accomplish the tasks together 😊

🔷 Or, for example, a button is placed next to the players, where they can be poked by us, and that reaches them in the notification, so that they know we need them with us in the game.

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