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Odus Challenge

tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 945 Level 4

Last week I received the Odus challenge event, I had to complete the day's missions to win prizes. Of the 7 missions I completed 6. Only so far I haven't received the awards. I just don't have a screenshot of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday, I don't have them, more has been completed. The only mission I didn't complete was on Monday. I am waiting for my prizes.


  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,332 Level 5

    @tininha1975 I think you should contact Support from your game and report missing prizes if more than 1 day passed after the deadline.

    I had Odus Challenge too last week but now I'm not sure if it was the same event since there isn't a screenshot about instructions in your pictures.😅

    Every day for a week I had to complete daily quests to receive the reward the day after. It worked well except the last day which didn't give me my 7th prize.

    This was day 5 and the following day:

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  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 945 Level 4

    I participated in the same event and did not receive any awards!

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