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Glitch in latest version of Dachs Delivery Service ?

MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 921 Game Expert

In the current version of Dachs Delivery Service, there is a service called "Use 500 moves on new levels." However, when I play a level for the first time, the counter for these moves remains at zero. This has happened to me on three successive levels (1997-1999). I have seen other members of my team attempt this same service and the counter still remains on zero. It will be challenging to get 500 moves in new levels but it will be impossible if those moves are not counted. I have done the recommended troubleshooting actions (latest version, start/restart, etc.), so please do not suggest them. I think this needs to go to the technical team. I play on an Android tablet. What do you think @QueenB or @QueenMia ?

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