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Stuck at level 3860 for 3 days

Yorben_GoereeYorben_Goeree Posts: 1,448 Level 5
edited January 1 in Discussions

This level is impossible for without a color bomb + coloring candy combination. Its very difficult for clear all blockers for spreading all jam. Because for this board have non-spaces makes very difficult to the special candies combination.

I am stuck on this level for 3 days, because for Color bomb + coloring candy is a very rarity combination. Make these combination is extremely hard to near impossible to go! 

Level 3860 is nearly impossible and @JustPlaying is a super extremely lucky for this level!

I hope for these level will be nerf by Game Team of King.

Relax... and play Candy Crush🍒🍭🍫🍬

▪️Candy Crush Saga: level 8900▪️

▪️Candy Crush Soda: level 3820▪️

▪️Candy Crush Friends: level 3961▪️ (By level 4000: I’m stopped)

▪️Candy Crush Jelly: level 541▪️


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