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Weekend Challenge- Hall of Fame

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 6,809 Community Manager
edited April 12 in Discussions
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Dear Candy Crush Friends Community,

Let's start a new Hall of Fame to honor our Candy Crush Friends Champions out there, the ones who have ever won our Weekend Challenge!

Remember, you'll get 1 chance a week to earn your entrance to this Hall of Fame so keep an eye on our next Weekend Challenges in the Discussion Area- every Friday a new Challenge! 😊

So far, congratulations to

🏆️ rajdeeptb

🏆️ Werner_Cichy

🏆️ PummyRaj

🏆️ sarma_palash57

🏆 laley

🏆 Freddy_Falkner

🏆 aijaziqbal

🏆 crippso69

🏆 Miss_Dani

🏆 headoperations

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