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(ENDED)💖 Beating Nutcracker's Score for more special prizes! 💖

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
edited March 2021 in Contests

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Hello Dear CCFS Friends! 🍬🍭

Nutcracker is in Great Mood today (after his special date with Tiffi), so after beating a level and making an amazing score to surprise her, he decided to make a very special competition too.

The competition is simple. Can you beat his score?

📝 Rules :

Play ONLY 'Spead the Jam' and 'Dunk the Cookies' levels and ONLY IN CCFS.

And you can choose which character you want to beat Nutcracker's score!

🏆 Prizes : 

The 3 players who get closer to Nutcracker's score will win 25 Gold Bars each and if anyone manages the same score like Nutcracker's, he will get 50 Gold Bars when the competition ends.

🗓️ Dates: 

You will be able to participate here until 1rst March ( 13:00 CEST )



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