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🌼Spring Race versus ⭐️Star Race- which one do you prefer?

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Dear Candy Friends crew!

As you know, spring has sprung in the Community and in the game. 🌼 🌻🌈 ☀️

And as part of the celebrations, you may have received the new Spring Race in your game. It's a new event where you need to collect wonderful flowers to celebrate Spring (and win some friend-tastic Boosters!).

Don't you love the Queen's outfit, and everything related to this new race?

Maybe you prefer the "classical" Star Race version, with that adventurous Tiffi cheering us to collect more and more stars?

Vote below for your favorite version and remember: YOUR feedback makes the game sweeter and sweeter, so don't be shy and tell us everything you love and everything we could change for future races!

💫 What makes your chosen option better?

💫 What do you like and dislike about these races in general?

💫 Do you like the art behind the feature, how it works, the rewards?

💫 Do you have any ideas and themes you'd like to see in future races?

Thanks a lot, Friends! ❤️

🌼Spring Race versus ⭐️Star Race- which one do you prefer? 45 votes

Spring Race
barbfuentes1MightyWolfNat09aautz1pdt1982ravii85gr33n3y3zwbh_ceciliaElennalaleyistuffteresawallace44DieOmimime6412weda5kidslittlemissmim08Iffu2DGenevievennarkisDavid5023 37 votes
Star Race
Spinnifix[Deleted User]carmenechevarriarajdeeptbbug85simalaxaJupik82cherrybombe 8 votes

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