Flower event bonus?

SwtzSwtz Posts: 2 Newbie

Flower event ended and I never got the bonus. Maybe I just flew down the scoreboard, but don't know as it disappered in my game?? I had 220+ flowers last time I looked. Hope you can clear it up for me :)

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  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 26,563 Crushing Legend

    Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore, the event is over. I had over 600 and only came in 15th. No reward either.

         The last completed Levels              

         Candy Crush Saga , Level 9440
         Candy Crush Friends Saga , Level 4360
         Candy Crush Soda Saga , Level 4708
     Papa Pear Saga , Level 108
         Diamond Diaries Saga , Level 100
         Pet Rescue Saga , Level 45
         Blossom Blast Saga , Level 25 
         Bubble Witch 3 Saga , Level 19 
         Farm Heroes Saga, Level 162


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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 51,785 Sweet Legend

    @Swtz Hi and welcome,

    Would agree with @Werner_Cichy on this i did not get event till last last day and a half and managed 156 candies and finished 78th, so guessing the collection for rewards would have been quite high and maybe in the 1000s

    Thank you

  • SwtzSwtz Posts: 2 Newbie

    How very strange that it put me on top of scoreboard thou .... never encountered this in this game before 🤨

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