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I just started to play

littlemissmim08littlemissmim08 Posts: 636 Level 3

I just started to play CCFS


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 16,895 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome

    It's nice that you started. Do you want to tell more about it? Do you like it? A lot was opened in the ideas area. Please go through there and vote.

    Many Thanks

    We are happy to answer any questions or problems you may have.

    @Miss_Dani @gr33n3y3z

    💓 Where there's a will, there's a way 💓

     😉 One look at my profile would help everyone! 👍

     Did you know that there is now an international room for German - French - Spanish?

     🍐 Player Expert for Papa Pear 🥥

    🧨✨ 1st year competition from 12.4. - 7.5.2021  ✨🧨

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  • AbhinavSargarAbhinavSargar Posts: 3,726 Level 5

    Keep Playing and Keep Unlocking Extra-ordinary Super Awesome Candy Crush Friends Saga Characters.

    A Note for You - Samsung Devices relieve Official Events then Other Devices most of the time. So, if you have a Samsung Device, there are increased chances of getting Official Events otherwise these events are randomly distributed among people for feedback purposes. You'll get them another time.

    At last, Enjoy.

    Thanks Everyone For Being Part of the King Games, and it's Community. Your Contributions makes this Community a great place for Everyone.

    Want Gold Bars on Your Favourite Games ?

    Click Here to Participate and Win Gold Bars on Your Favourite Games !

    Enjoy !

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  • actressactress Posts: 312 Level 3

    You will find it fun! If you need any help don't hesitate to ask. Have fun and enjoy the game.

  • littlemissmim08littlemissmim08 Posts: 636 Level 3

    I do use a Samsung device but it doesnt have friends on it. I have it on my laptop tho

  • istuffistuff Posts: 230 Level 3

    Welcome to the Friends Family

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