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 ➡️  Friends no longer available through the Galaxy Store  ⬅️ 

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Hello sweet Friends!

Do you play Candy Crush Friends Saga on a Samsung device and on a version downloaded through the Galaxy Store? If so, we have an important announcement for you.

As of May 7, Candy Crush Friends Saga will no longer be available through the Galaxy Store. This means that we will stop releasing updates for those versions, and it won’t be possible for you to make purchases any more.

To prepare for this change, we kindly ask that you download the game through the official Google Play Store. You can find it here. With this version, you’ll be able to enjoy the game as you usually do!

➡️ To transfer your levels from the old app version to the new one, please make sure that you save your progress. It’s easy to link your progress to an account, and then log into that account on your new game version. Here’s a quick guide to help.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but please rest assured that we’re doing this to make sure you get the best possible experience!

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