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Anyone else have trouble getting to your Daily Quests? This works for me!

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3
edited June 14 in Discussions

I have a persistent leftover icon from the special Christmas game, which will overlap the scroll icon for viewing my 3 Daily Quests. Usually when I try to press the scroll icon, it will activate the Christmas icon instead, which is frustrating. BUT, I found out that if I very carefully press the far right edge of the scroll icon, I CAN get to the Daily Quests page (see screen shot below). Hope this tip helps those of you who are also encountering this problem. Finding exactly the right spot to press will take practice, so be prepared to make lots of mistakes when trying this at first, but if you persist you WILL be able to access your Daily Quests and plan how to best satisfy them


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