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What are your strategies for creating Color Bombs and Coloring Candies?

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

Color Bombs and Coloring Candies are useful to solve some levels of CCFS and necessary for completing some of the Daily Quests, so how do you do that?

I used two strategies to create CBs and CCs. The first strategy is to make moves that “add a candy” at the end of a striped candy pattern to make a Color Bomb, or at the end of a wrapped candy pattern to make a Coloring Candy. In the first example below I could make use the vertical pattern of cyan candies at the far right to make a striped candy, BUT I saw that if I could just drop that cyan candy in the upper right corner down 1 space, I could make a Color Bomb! Thinking how to do that, I saw that if I moved the orange fish left to match the other 2 orange candies, it would disappear and then the 2 yellow candies would drop down and match the yellow candy that had been swapped with the fish, and all 3 yellow candies would also disappear, and that cyan candy would drop down one space!

Ok, so after that move I had created the candy pattern for making a Color Bomb from the cyan candies.

To make a Coloring Candy, you need to “add a candy” to the shorter end of a pattern that would normally make a wrapped candy. In the second example below , I had a pattern of orange candies in the center that would make a wrapped candy, so I had to find a way to “add an orange candy” to the top of that pattern. I saw that if I moved that yellow candy 1 space to the RIGHT, where if would match the other 2 yellow candies in that row, I would be also moving the orange candy next to it 1 space to the LEFT, where it would be directly on top of pattern of orange candies.

And from the resulting pattern, just moving the center orange candy to the right created an orange coloring candy!

This “add a candy” strategy can also be used when the initial pattern is oriented horizontally—in that case you need to look at how you can match candies below the shorter side of the striped/wrapped candy pattern in order to drop down a candy of the correct color in exactly the correct position. It does take time to carefully inspect the candies to see how you can match and drop things into the correct position, but if you need Color Bombs or Coloring Candies the extra effort of the “add a candy” strategy may create what you need.

How is everyone else creating the necessary Color Bombs and Coloring Candies??


  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 581 Level 3

    Thanks for the detailed info @Uncle_Bob .👍

    For me, I don’t spend too much time strategizing how to make certain candies. If something is obvious, I’ll spend a few seconds and make it happen. If not, I’ll just replay.😄

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  • actressactress Posts: 342 Level 3

    I just think about playing the level don't about what 🍬 to make. The idea is to have fun!

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  • actipton80actipton80 Posts: 404 Level 3

    I just play the levels and take opportunities to make these candies when I see them. Sometimes I miss an opportunity and that annoys me.

  • CassDCassD Posts: 1,899 Level 3

    If I spent time thinking about strategies etc, it would take the fun out of playing for me. I'm not a very good player and I know I miss opportunities, but I play for relaxation and enjoyment. I'm used to getting stuck on a level, but just keep replaying until I eventually pass it - and then I have a great sense of satisfaction.

  • Iffu2Iffu2 Posts: 771 Level 4

    Thanks for the detailed info @Uncle_Bob .👍

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

    I totally understand that for many folks (including my partner!) the goal is to play for fun and not worry about strategy, but for some of us each level is a GREAT NEW PUZZLE to be solved and we like having useful strategies. Like @actipton80 , I really get annoyed when I make a move and see too late that there was a better move I could have made. For those who like strategies, my second strategy for making Color Bombs and Coloring Candies is to “fill the middle” when you have a pattern of two pairs of candies with the same color, separated by 1 candy of a different color. In the example below there are two pairs of orange candies separated by a green candy. But if you match the 3 greens by moving the center one to the right, that will bring down 3 new candies in that column.

    You are taking a chance, but you HOPE an orange candy will come down that can be moved into the middle. In this case an orange candy did drop down, but ended up right above the middle, so you need to take 1 more turn to “fill the middle” and make a Color Bomb!

    The “Fill the middle” strategy can also be used to make Coloring Candies, but that is of course harder. In the example below, however, the pattern to make a Color Bomb was already there, so the problem was just to bring down another cyan candy on top of it to be able to “fill the middle” with 2 cyan candies and make a cyan Coloring Candy.

    So after matching the 3 orange candies, the center cyan candy drops down 1 space and is now in a position to be moved down to “fill the middle “ and make the cyan Coloring Candy!

    Since I have encountered levels that are EXTREMELY difficult to solve unless you create CBs or CCs and then combine them with fish, striped, or wrapped candies to get their maximum destructive effects, I hope these strategies will be useful for some other players.

    And I’d really like to know if anyone else has effective strategies for creating CBs and CCs that I might not have thought of!

  • fabkefabke Posts: 1,922 Level 4

    @Uncle_Bob thanks I can use this tips

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    Welcome to the King Community

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,303 Level 4


    I have no strategy! If a colorbomb or coloring candy is ready to be created, I do it!

    Sometimes I force the creation of a colorbomb, when there are two pairs of same color candies horizontally, with a different one in the middle! Then I try to match 3 candies in the column where the different color candy is, to "force" a fifth candy stay in the middle! Sometimes it works!!

    I mostly do this in CCJS Royal Championship!! 😎

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

    @NikolaosProdromidis Yes! That sounds similar to the “fill the middle” strategy I mentioned just above, and it has worked for me also! It reminds me of how an American “slot machine” works, because it all depends on what falls down in that middle row, but sometimes it can even create a Coloring Candy.

    What is a CCJS Royal Championship? (I’m new here.)

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

    Another strategy for creating Color Bombs or Coloring Candies is when you have special events like the “Free the Octopuses” special challenge with 10 levels that started a few days ago.

    The very first level of this Octopus challenge starts out with a pattern of yellow candies that is set up to make a Coloring Candy:

    Once you make the yellow Coloring Candy, it is a fairly easy level to win, so you can keep playing it to make as many Coloring Candies as you need for your Daily Quest. This level 1 would also be good for a Daily Quest that requires those pink licorice tiles as it has 20 of them, and you can repeat it as often as you need to get the required number of pink licorice tiles.

    Does anyone else us these special levels for other purposes like this?

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,303 Level 4

    CCJS Royal Championshop is a "mini game" which is part of Candy Crush Jelly Daga!

    Try it, it is very nice! 🙂

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

    To make Color Bombs or Colors Candies often requires “looking ahead” for a couple moves to see if the correct pattern for a Color Bomb or Coloring Candy can be created. (The Suggested Move algorithm does not do “look ahead”, so this is one way you can find better moves than the suggested ones.) In this example from Level 8 of the Sunny Tales event, I “looked ahead” to see that by matching the 3 yellow candies I could drop down the Green Candy to make a Color Bomb with the column of 4 Green Candies separated by the Yellow Candy. Move #1 was:

    Move #2 was to move the Green Candy one space left to create the Color Bomb.

    So now the grid had a Color Bomb ready to use! But how could I best use it? Looking ahead, I saw that if I created a Red Fish by moving a .read Candy 1 space up, that pattern of 4 Red Candies would create a Red Fish right next to the Color Bomb! So Move # 3 was:

    So now it was simple to just combine the Read Fish + Color Bomb on Move #4, and that transformed the other 11 Red Candies in the grid to be 11 Red Fish, which in turn swarm all over the place and effectively spread the jam to both sides where I needed it.

    So especially if you have a large, unobstructed working space like this at the CCFS level you are working on, consider using Look Ahead to see what special candies you can create and use!

  • BrigdeezBrigdeez Posts: 1 Newbie


    I’m not sure if it’s possible to send a direct message. I have a couple questions regarding in-depth strategies / patterns to look for when setting up color bomb opportunities. Do you have any further resources for that kind of thing or perhaps any additional thoughts on the subject? In truth...I’m a bit obsessed, lol 😅

    Thanks much!!


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 147 Level 2

    @Brigdeez This site has a mail system, but you have to first make a few posts or comments to be able to use it. Meanwhile, why don’t you just list the 2-4 most pressing questions you have now, and I’ll try to answer them? The reason I started this discussion thread was that I could NOT find any guidance on basic CCFS playing strategies, nor on advanced strategies for making and using Color Bombs and Coloring Candies, or for the new types of blockers and helpers that will be introduced at the higher levels if you keep playing this game.

    Basic CCFS playing strategy for a rectangular grid with top-down flow of candies:

    1. Wait for the “Suggested Move” algorithm to highlight a possible move, but then carefully look BELOW that suggested move in the grid for either (a) a move that has the same value but is lower down in the grid, or (b) a move that can be made “indirectly” and thus match and destroy more total pieces of candy. A “lower down in the grid” matching of candies drops down more candies from the top and gives you more potential for “side effect” destruction as the candies rain down. An “indirect” move that destroys more total pieces of candy also results in more candy raining down, but also serves to re-arrange or re-initialize that area of the playing grid more thoroughly, and the more often you destroy and re-arrange the candy patterns, the more likely you are to be able to find or create some useful, high-value special candies like the Fish, Striped, or Wrapped Candies.
    2. As most of the blockers will be at the bottom, try to destroy your way DOWNWARD as quickly as possible, (which is called a “depth-first” playing strategy). If you try to destroy across the entire width of the playing grid on the top before moving down, (which is called a “breadth-first” strategy), you will typically run out of moves before you an successfully unblock the things at the bottom. Once you’ve worked your way to the bottom, try to destroy things out to both sides to clear off all the blockers and win that level.
    3. Choice of “helper” for that level: At the start of each level, the #1 choice of helper is in the middle position, the #2 choice of helper is on the left, and the #3 choice of helper is on the right. As a general rule, we try the first time with the #1 choice helper as that ismthe one selected by the programmer of that level. If after the last move you fail but are CLOSE to solving that level, you can re-try the #1 choice as with better luck on your second attempt, you may win the level. BUT, if your first attempt is complete failure and you are not even close to solving that level, try the #2 choice of helper. Similarly, if neither #1 nor #2 helper works for you, try the #3 choice of helper. But be forewarned that the #3 choice helper will change rather randomly and unpredictably to some other helper that will fit the candy colors involved at that level.

    I hope this was comprehensible and helped.

    But @Brigdeez , what level are you at? The difficulty level of CCFS changes to become noticeably harder as you get to 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000(which is where some of the Advanced Strategies would come in). If you are having problems with a specific level, please post a screenshot of that level’s playing grid so I can get a sense of what you are facing.

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