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😉 some help for the events ❓

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,486 Ambassador

Hello dear players

I would like to use these polls as a discussion.

What do you think of it and do you have any suggestions?


I played the level map in advance until the event was there and I had the sweet streak. Then I went into the event and there isn't a cute streak there. At the moment I have nothing at all and therefore I wanted to ask you what you think of a little help in the events? There is also no life for the events. I always have to wait. Now the battery is empty and I couldn't finish the 10th level. It's just too heavy and I don't have the boosters. I am a free player. I've already submitted enough ideas. I haven't been able to finish events a couple of times, they were just too difficult.

What's with you? 

@Diamond Lim @gr33n3y3z the list please! thanks

😉 some help for the events ❓ 23 votes

Sharon_LooseWerner_CichyDiamond LimGranBarbSpinnifixNat09siti_payunglaleyPitty_KittyMountainMomNikolaosProdromidishechicerillarajdeeptbIffu2DGenevievennarkisDavid5023daniel47BubbleGumSodafabke 22 votes
Grumpy_Old_Man 1 vote
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