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What are the responsibilities of a Dachs Delivery Service team leader??

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

Since Dachs Delivery Service is inherently a team event, what responsibilities do I, as a team leader, have to the other 19 members of my DDS team?

If the team is having trouble with one of the 6 specific Team Tasks, should I take the responsibility for completing that task? This is NOT an idle question because team tasks such as “combine a Color Bomb with a fish/striped/wrapped candy 20 times” seem VERY difficult for my team. So should I sacrifice my lives and just stay at a CCFS level where I can successfully create Color Bombs and then combine them with the right candy to help the team? [Doing that puts me me in the very odd situation of having to play to LOSE at the end of each game, which is weird!]

If a team member seems “stuck” on completing a specific Team Task, should I jump in and try to help them complete that task? Should I complete it FOR them, or stop just before completing it so that my team member can have the satisfaction of completing that task?

if all team members seem to “gang up” on one of the easier Team Tasks, should I then shift over to the more difficult tasks so that the team has a better chance of completing all 6 Team Tasks in that “delivery “ sooner?

These problems would be helped if I had some way of communicating with team members, but so far I do not have a method to do so. If anyone has any ideas how I could get information to my team members like @Sofia1992 ’s guides on how to play, I would appreciate them! If anyone else is a DDS team leader and has encountered either these issues or other issues, I would also appreciate any insights that they may have.



  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    Dachs Delivery Service begab again today, and my team had the following 6 Team Tasks:

    As I was on level 4373, I cycled Yeti a few times to pass that level (Team Task #1), but then settled in for a few lives on level 4374 to create “fish + striped candy” events (Tram Task #2) because using Odus as the helper created a lot of striped candies and I just had to create fish and then manipulate the array of candies to get the fish and striped candy together. Finally to help out on the “Complete 10 Quests” (Team Task #3) I backtracked to level 4372 to destroy 50 Caramel Cups for my “easy” Daily Quest , and then backtracked to level 4361 to create Color Bombs and complete my “medium” Daily Quest of creating 8 Color Bombs. So the first 3 Team Tasks now look like:

    However, the usual priorities and strategies for advancing levels when playing as an individual , have been completely shifted to prioritizing the completion of the Team Tasks and using each level for its maximum advantage to do that. For me, that is a completely different way to play CCFS, and a LOT more complex! Do any of you also shift priorities and strategies when playing DDS as a team member?

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,537 Ambassador

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  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    When my team completed all team tasks except these final 2, I had to make a decision whether to direct my efforts at completing “Classic Levels” (blue button), or completing levels to get as many stars as possible:

    What would you do?

    As team leader, my reasoning was that if I worked on “Earning 150 new Stars”, the 5 team members trying to “Win 20 new classic levels” would be less efficient because only 16 out of each set of 20 levels are the “Classic Levels” (denoted by the blue button), so they would waste their efforts on the other levels. Whereas if I completed the “Win 20 new Classic Levels” Team Task, then we would ALL be working on the final “Earn new stars”, which doesn’t depend on what kind of new level you have, so every completed level counts (and I THINK that if you go back and increase a completed 1-star level to be either 2 or 3 stars, those extra stars count also, if I remember correctly.).

    To be maximally efficient myself, I switched between the “20 Classic Levels” and the “Earn 150 new Stars” Team Tasks by choosing the Classic Levels task when I was on a new classic level, but choosing the Earn New Stars task when I encountered a “Hard” or “Super Hard” level. So the Uncle Bob team is now:

    Would you have made the same decision??

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 129 Level 3

    I am not a team leader. But what I do is to do the most difficult ones first. I can't assume that everybody else has the same level of skill as me, so I leave the easier ones for others.

    Then of course, in the team of 20 I am in, maybe only fie or six participate.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    @Grumpy_Old_Man I think your strategy of doing the hardest Team Tasks first because you have a higher skill level and leaving the easier tasks for less-experienced team members, is a good one! I would absolutely do the same , when confronted by the Team Tasks of “make 20 Color Bombs “, and especially the “Combine Color Bomb with fish/striped/wrapped candy 20 times” Team Task because I typically have to (1) make the Color Bomb, (2) make the fish/striped/wrapped candy, and then (3) very gently and carefully lower the candy to the Color Bomb or the Color Bomb to to that candy. Do you find that to be ticklish work? So often something triggers the Color Bomb or destroys the candy while I’m trying to move them together! Argh! Even if I have a fairly open working grid to make things and move them around, I almost never can average more than 1 of those complex events per life spent at that new level! Do you have that same difficulty? How would you rank order the difficulty of the Team Tasks?

    Thank you also for the information that only 5-6 of your team of 20 actively participate. I and my partner, who both lead Dachs Delivery Service teams, also have noticed that often just 5-8 are active, but occasionally as many as 10-11 team members are listed as participating across the 6 Team Tasks, so some folks may be dropping in and out of playing DDS. I am reluctant to bump non-playing team members off the team because we all have real lives where real things require our time and effort, and necessarily take us away from CCFS! BUT, the game system has now on two separate occasions deleted a total of 4 team members who my records showed had not played DDS the previous 3 times it was offered. So there seems to be automatic team purging, and some way that either new people are added to the team , or some way that new people can choose to join my team.

    Finally, would you have valued a brief tutorial on how to play DDS when you first joined a team, or not?

    I am frustrated that maybe 1/2 of my team members seem to “sit on the same tram task” rather than “switch team tasks as appropriate “ when they are advancing levels in CCFS. That is such an inefficient way to play the DDS team aspect of this game! I would hope that if I could make a 3-paragraph tutorial with labeled screen shots and distribute that to the team members, some of them would learn to play with an eye out to also maximally benefiting the team, but I have not yet found a way to distribute such information to team members.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    The Dachs Delivery Service session for my team is ending today, and I am at the “end of the road” with the yellow paint can sign (and Tifi in her hard hat!), and that brings up another question about the responsibility of the DDS team leader:

    If I am trying to maximize team outcomes as team leader, when the next batch of new Candy Crush Friends Saga levels (probably 4221-4240 for the IOS systems) are opened up next Wednesday, should I actually (A) try to immediately progress through those levels, or (B) hold off solving those levels so that I have more “new levels” to work with to benefit the team during the next offering of Dachs Delivery Service? Immediately attacking the new levels is much more satisfying on a personal level, but staying put and saving the new levels for use during DDS would predictably benefit my team more. But staying put and just focusing on completing Daily Quests for the next 10-14 days would also be quite boring. So what would YOU do if you were in my situation??

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 129 Level 3

    Hi @Uncle_Bob the ones you mentioned are the ones that are normally left by the other 19 members of the team I am in. The level of difficulty in the challenges varies with the character options you have. For example, it seems easier to create wrapped candies with Yeti, rather than Tiffi. A tutorial on DDS would have been be useless to me. Either you know how to create color bombs, wrapped candies etc. or you don't.

    As far as members sitting on the one task, maybe they don't realize they can choose any one they wish? That is what I have suspected. I wouldn't jump to conclusions about the app deleting non active members, maybe they just decided to leave?

    Finally, as far as inactive players go, I would suggest you go to your team list now and take a screenshot of what level they are currently on. If there are a couple that are still on the same level when the next DDS is abut to start, then maybe you should kick the ones with the lowest levels out. Assuming you want to make room for me AND I can find your team through a search in CCFS. If you are interested, PM me your team name and the name you use as the leader and I will see if I can find you. I am only on level 240, so I will have plenty of scope for achieving tasks on new levels.

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 129 Level 3

    Actually, you can disregard my last suggestion. It appears that I have just joined your team.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    @Grumpy_Old_Man Hurray! At last a team member I can communicate and coordinate with! I will message you so that I can share information and help you as much as I can!

    (I’m at the “end of the road” at Level 4420, so I physically cannot advance right now.)

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 129 Level 3

    Getting back to your levels question.

    You say you get twenty new levels a fortnight. My guess is those 20 levels would probably only help get through DDS1 and maybe a quarter of the way through DDS2. Obviously this is just an assumption based on averages I have seen in the team I just left.

    Me personally, apart from the "complete 10 Quests" challenge, I can complete most of the other five challenges in just over a day. When I run out of lives, I put in a request and normally get recharges within a few minutes. I have never had to wait more than ten. This clearly makes it easy to clear out the challenges very quickly, even if I only finish one or two new levels in a day.

    So whether you "save" your new levels or not is up to you. Whether you do or don't, I would suggest you first complete your three daily quests on old levels and then start on the easiest of the remaining five. Just remember, we should be able to knock off all six challenges in under three days, so don't waste all of your new levels on DDS1. Save some for DDS2 etc. Unless of course we are running out of days.

    Now that this has been publicly stated, hopefully others who are serious will find and join us.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    @Grumpy_Old_Man Yes! I agree!

    First, to clarify, I get 20 new levels per week , rather than per fortnight, so during a 10-day DDS cycle I will predictably have 20-40 total new levels available.

    But I totally agree on the basic strategy of doing my 3 Daily Quests first, because the Team Tasks always include the “Complete 10 Quests” task. I usually backtrack to complete them without using up any of my new levels.But when the 10 Quests are complete, or when I’ve completed all 3 of my Daily Quests and can do no more, it’s nice to “shift gears” and find new levels for the other Team Tasks.

    If you can complete most of those Team Tasks in 1 day, you are working very hard indeed, and I am glad to have you on our team! It will be very interesting to see how many deliveries we can complete on the next DDS cycle!

    I also hope other team members will see these posts and play the DDS more effectively. I have read other team players commenting that their team members do not seem to know some of the basics like how to change Team Tasks in DDS to best fit their new levels. But the better we collectively play DDS, the more efficiently we all collect the rewards. Cheers!

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 3

    What's ur team name @Uncle_Bob?? Maybe i can wait for some inactive players to be kicked out to join in 😂

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    @Sour_Apples Thank you for the compliment! My team’s name is simply “Uncle Bob”, and you would be welcome to join us when space is available! It would be wonderful to have another team member that I could directly communicate with, because by coordinating our individual efforts we could all work more efficiently as a team and get more rewards.

    But meanwhile, is there any advice/information/strategies about the basic CCFS game or the Dachs Delivery Service that I could share which would help you play better and advance more levels? I’m near the “end of the road”, which is 4440 for the IOS version of CCFS, but where are you? Different new features are introduced along the way, so you may be encountering new things wherever you are that I have had to learn how to cope with along the way. Things like those “eggs” that must be cracked open for +5 moves really change what your strategy must be for that level! But there would be no use for me to discuss things you haven’t met yet, or things that you can perfectly well cope with already!


  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 129 Level 3

    @UncleAl742 you said

    “Earn new stars”, which doesn’t depend on what kind of new level you have, so every completed level counts (and I THINK that if you go back and increase a completed 1-star level to be either 2 or 3 stars, those extra stars count also, if I remember correctly.).

    That is correct. At least it works for me.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 156 Level 2

    So my Dachs Delivery Service team has completed 5 Team Tasks for Delivery #2 and is currently working on the final task of “getting 150 mew stars”, which is one of the most difficult Team Tasks as if requires successfully completing about 60 levels.

    As you can see, I am at the Super Hard level 4440 right before the “rabbit hole”. If I plunge ahead now, I will earn stars, but I will not get another Super Hard level until 4460, and I will predictably complete some of my Daily Quests. I know that as soon as my team earns 49 more stars, we will immediately get a new Delivery #3 of 6 Team Tasks that will certainly include the “Complete 10 Quests” task, and may well include the “Complete 3 Super Hard Levels” task. So the short-term goal of helping my team earn 150 stars to complete Delivery 2 conflicts with the long-term goal of helping my team complete Delivery 3’s new set of 6 Team Tasks. So what would you do if you faced a situation like this?

    Since I ran out of CCFS levels on the previous session of DDS (as shown in my June 27th posting above), I am currently not playing and letting the team complete Delivery #2 so that I can better help on Delivery #3 and have more levels to work with for future deliveries, but that inaction makes me uncomfortable! I repeat, “What would you do?”

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