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Completing Daily Quests for 250 Fish, Striped, or Wrapped Candies

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

When I get a Daily Quest that requires 250 Fish, Striped, or Wrapped Candies, I look for a multi-screen CCFS Level that offers Tifi (for fish), Odus (for striped candies), or Yeti (for wrapped candies) , respectively. I prefer a 4-candy-color level because it is easier to make a Color Bomb, and with luck you can join a Color Bomb to a fish, striped, or wrapped candy and thereby make LOTS of them to help achieve the 250 goal. So given the goal of making 250 fish:

I chose Level 4334 , which had Red, Cyan, Purple and Yellow candies, and offered Tifi as the second-choice helper. I expected to complete “Make 10 Wrapped Candies” and “Match 200 Red Candies with Tifi” during the process of creating 250 Fish.

At the end of my 2nd life, I had completed the “Match 200 Red Candies with Tifi” Quest, and had created 80 Fish and 4 Wrapped Candies:

By the end of my 4th life, the “Create 10 Wrapped Candies “ Quest was also complete, and I had made a total of 152 Fish.

On my 5th and 6th lives, I managed to create Color Bombs and combine them with a fish, so I created 48 and 45 fish respectively, leaving me with the total of 245 Fish shown on the first screenshot above. So the average number of fish created with Tifi on CCFS Level 4334 was around 46 fish per life when I could combine a Color Bomb with a fish, but decreased to about 38 fish created per life when I could not do so.

If you choose to backtrack to complete Daily Quests, I think it is best to find a multi-screen level that has offers both the correct helper and the correct color(s) of candies. The CCFS levels that have only 4 candy colors are more suitable to creating Color Bombs or Coloring Candies that can be used to duplicate desired things like Fish, Striped Candies, or Wrapped Candies. If anyone has forgotten which levels have those qualities, I could share information about which levels those are in the Level 2800—Level4400 range. Does anyone have that information for the Levels below 2800 that they would be willing to share to help the memory of the folks in that range to backtrack and complete their Daily Quests?

Happy Crushing, folks!


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Today’s Daily Quests were a mix of the easy Quest of matching 180 Green candies, the medium Quest of creating 60 wrapped candies, and the difficult Quest of matching 400 purple candies with Odus:

    I think the most efficient way to complete these Quests is to check your records for a mult-screen level with Green Candies and Odus as a helper to match purple candies, and I found the 3-screen Level 4390 had both of those:

    Using Level 4390, I was able to make progress on all 3 of my Daily Quests—after the first attempt, the 3 Quests looked like this:

    After 2 lives the “Match 180 Green Candies” Quest was completed, and after 4 lives tbe “Match 400 Purple Candies with Odus” Quest was completed. Having those two Quests out of the way, I shifted to using Yeti at the 3-screen Level 4416 because Yeti creates wrapped candies and since Level 4416 has only 4 candy colors (cyan, orange, purple, red), I hoped to create a Color Bomb, get it next to a wrapped candy, and thereby create a LOT of wrapped candies! Since I had boosters and kept winning 4416, it took three tries to complete the “Create 60 Wrapped Candies” Quest, but I did not lose any lives in the process! So if you want to use this backtracking strategy to complete Daily Quests, you might want to keep records of what is available on each of your past levels so that you can re-use them if necessary.

    Happy Crushing!

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