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How is the “Sunny Tales” event going for you?

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

I won the Level 1 and 2 of Sunny Tales on the first try with 6 moves to spare…

…but Level 3 today had the octopuses out on the “arms” of the playing grid, and that seemed to make Level 3 more difficult. I failed on the first attempt despite using an ad video for +4 moves, so I re-thought my strategy and decided to shift focus from clearing the central area at the beginning of the game to freeing the octopuses out on those arms later in the game. In any event, I did complete Level 3 on the second try without resorting to a +4 moves or using any lollipop hammers, but I only had 1 move to spare! I and my partner both think that Level 3 is noticeably harder than Levels 1 or 2. How are the Sunny Tales levels going for the rest of you folks?


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Next week in Sunny Tales, we will get Rachel the raccoon, so now is the time to practice using Rachel!

    After matching 12 Green Candies, Rachel throws a rainbow-colored square candy on the grid. You can combine the rainbow candy with any unblocked candy above it, below it, to the left of it, or to the right of it. IF there are 4 free spaces in that direction, the candy combined with the rainbow candy will be duplicated 4 times, but if there are fewer free spaces, the candy will only be duplicated for the 1,2, or3 free spaces. So especially when you have 4 free spaces up, down, right, or left of Rachel’s Rainbow Candy, look for what can be created or duplicated using it. A standard use of the Rainbow Candy is making more fish, striped, or wrapped candies:

    But even just having a row or column of 4 candies of the same color gives you a striped candy:

    But even BETTER is when you find an extra candy of the same color located at the end of the column (or row) of 4 candies that you can create with the Rainbow Candy, because then you can make a Color Bomb!

    The created Color Bomb will fall down to the space where the Rainbow Candy and Green Candy were combined.

    But then if you trigger Rachel to make ANOTHER Rainbow Candy , and can work it next to the Color Bomb (or Coloring Candy), you can duplicate the Color Bomb 4 times!

    A column (or row) of 4 Color Bombs will immediately explode.

    I would add a caution that the Suggested Move algorithm also often ignores the possibilities with Rachel’s Rainbow Candy. So once Rachel makes that Rainbow Candy, carefully evaluate what you can do with it.

    In this case I chose to move the Rainbow Candy onto the Cyan wrapped candy and make a row of 4 Cyan wrapped candies to the right where I needed some destruction.

    So if carefully combined, the Rainbow Candy produced by Rachel can be effective. Cheers!

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  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Well, the first 2 days of Week 3 of Sunny Tales with Rachel didn’t seem too hard, so I “saved” them for when I would need some 30-minute “Friendly Charge” and “Friendly Coloring Candy” boosters. I was having trouble getting going today ,so I completed Level 15 (Day 1 of Rachel), and using those boosters I managed to complete enough of the Classic Levels to complete the Team Task of “Complete 20 Classic Levels”, so that did work for me.

    Does anyone else hold off completing some of the Special Event levels that give those 30-minute boosters in order to have them “available“(with luck!) when you need them most?

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Well, the “Sunny Tales” event ended for me with a set of 3 Super-Hard type levels freeing octopuses with Tifi. The third and final day seemed particularly difficult even though I had completed my Daily Quests and had the Friendly Charge and Friendly Coloring Candy boosters. I still had to watch the ad video for +4 moves at the end AND use a striped and a wrapped Lollipop Hammer to complete it!

    The result was a couple 30-minute boosters abd a nice set of Lollipop Hammers, but given the hammers I had used to complete Levels 22,23,& 24, it was Pyrrhic victory for sure. Still , it was was fun.

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