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👀 What adventure lies before us?

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Hi Friends!

Are you having fun this summer? I hope you are! 🐋

So far we've been playing at the beach with Tiffi and her Friends, and also collecting shells 🐚- very pleasant summer plans indeed! But are you up for an adventure? 😏

Take a guess on what the Friends team is preparing for us and remember to comment below!

👀 What adventure lies before us? 45 votes

A new event featuring Odus and a sunken pirate ship
Glenn1972SpinnifixlaleyElenaVoronaCats4CazbekicrusherCassDNwosuUncle_BobGrumpy_Old_Man 10 votes
A new race to help Dachs dig out treats in the desert
Sharon_LooseNat09tininha1975DaniTheOG 4 votes
A new event featuring Olivia in the Wild West
Tzvi_MarcuWerner_CichyFreddy_Yorben_GoereebearwithmeactressBQN537Pitty_KittyDieOmimiNikolaos_ProdromidishechicerillaaijaziqbalDGenevievennarkisDavid5023[Deleted User]BubbleGumSodaGreymanefabkenguyenanhduy1591999 23 votes
A new event featuring Olivia in outer space
LoveDachsistuffMountainMomteresawallace44me6412gamepowerCommunism 7 votes
Iffu2 1 vote


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