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🐶Let's discuss Dachs Deliveries! 📦️

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 9,083 Community Manager

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Dear Friendly Crushers,

It's time to share your thoughts on the Dachs Deliveries event:

📫️ What do you like best about it? Is it...

  • playing with your friends?
  • the rewards?
  • the tasks?
  • the design?

📫️ How would you improve it?

  • Would you change the duration of the event?
  • Would you add anything to it?
  • Is there any task you would add or remove from the list?
  • Is there anything you wish would be clearer?

Just comment below! We value candid, constructive, respectful and specific feedback 😉. Remember, the team is listening, and they need your feedback to make the game sweeter and sweeter! It's your chance to help them 🤗


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 54,898 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Tagging active Candy Crush Friends Players into spoiler :

     @Jasmina@Julie_Andrews@Elsa@Sukanta_Biswas@DeepshikhaSharan@Sharon_Loose@Acv@LoveDachs, @siti_payung@Iffu2@rajdeeptb@aijaziqbal@BubbleGumSoda@teresawallace44@Nix66@Cats4Caz@me6412@Fakhri@wbh_cecilia@JSimpson4@NikitaOhOh@nguyenanhduy1591999@laley@GingerBlueEyes@MelMel1975@fabke@David5023@D2V@rebelchild@johamilton@ellectra@nnarkis@Ransome30@istuff@Yosca@paul5473@Winge@anickol3@ElenaVorona@Mattia_@Glenn1972@kiara_wael@Nat09@bearwithme@gr33n3y3z@Albert_Heinrich@tininha1975@Ashraf@MountainMom@lhalha@Anahita_2005@little_kay@Evan_Lei@Yorben_Goeree@hechicerilla@Annwat@bekicrusher@Tasty_Cake@Pitty_Kitty@ChrisMiller@GlenysB@DieOmimi@Timhung@lilikoikisses@SBH@actress@actipton80@Greymane@ACDW@lincow@Ruksana541@S_u_n_s_h_i_n_e@bsabrina69@crippso69@Nwosu@Shirtae@DGenevieve@BQN537@dharryfn@daniel47@1509hk1547@Nikolaos_Prodromidis@littlemissmim08@CassD@samuye2222@SabrinaM@taraskelly1@CerbeRus777@danicandy@Kate3A@Roha@Kilroy73@lilmamachrislong34@DaniTheOG@Lucy71@katsusy@barbfuentes1@jellyjean@dananelle@idh1000@aautz1@simplyP@MollyS@Moh1977@spring_queen_18@july1988@Palash_Sarma@Tzvi_Marcu@EOTheGr8@marandamcintosh568@jrite@jsscdodd031@gemazing@Mom_Shute@javitods@Racoon7@sweetieke@santo_chris97@morganrueschhoff@DukeSR8@tokasa13@lejeunejl117@Grumpy_Old_Man@yukibear@Nafta@MightyWolf@theredrabbit@penken@jgunzz@KCullen127@misspink78@Marzia333@Nenikapaki@Spinnifix@gamepower@Kezabelle3@playgowomen18@abd_allah@kikiray23@nobelove@SuperMommaof3@Jlav94@tchin127@Laurenmlh and @jeanps

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,215 Community Hub Moderator

    I love our Friends’ Kingsters! They always look for new ways to enjoy our game even more than we do. The thing that I love best about Dach’s Delivery is being able to play with our own customized team and getting team rewards.

    Can I say what I don’t like about it too? It’s great to get the timed rewards but if you have difficult levels to clear then you can run out of lives very fast so being rewarded a half hour or even an hour of your favorite rewards won’t help if you have to wait to get lives from friends or wait for them to build up in our game.

    It really can be wonderful to start off with Yeti throwing a wrapped candy on the board and then throw cyan candies too but when you are so close to winning and run out of moves it is a tough decision determining if you should just quit the level or buy extra moves. So you quit and a life is gone. Then you try another character and they throw out their special power and their candy color. The results are the same and you lose another life. Before you know it the lives are gone and the clock is still ticking. Now you wait to get more lives and the timed rewards has ended because you only had a half hour to use them.

    To sum this up I definitely love this event and I love the number of days that it lasts too. But I hope that you can understand the frustration of a player trying to clear those difficult levels and running out of time with the timed rewards. But I do love receiving those lollipops so please keep those coming.

    Kingsters you are all doing great and that’s why Friends remains my top candy crush game to play. Pat on the back to all of you!

  • CassDCassD Posts: 4,318 Level 4

    I am very grateful to the team which created Dachs' Deliveries, as it's an awesome event. I belong to a customised team whose members work (or play) very hard and the rewards are excellent.

    I Iove the timed boosters, as they are invaluable. However, I nearly always seem to receive them when I'm almost out of lives or stuck on a hard or super hard level and so they're often wasted. It would be good if you could click on these boosters when you were ready to use them. A window of time in which to collect rewards would be welcome as they can be missed, especially when team members are in different time zones.

    The length of the events is good, as it enables members to participate, wherever in the world they may live. It also enables friendships to be made.

    The lollipops are always greatly appreciated, as I'm not a very good or experienced player and get through them quickly.

    It's a pity the Daily Quests have been removed from the challenges, as they were something which I'm sure everyone enjoyed,

    In short, I love the event, which has enabled me to make rapid progress in my game.

  • aautz1aautz1 Posts: 430 Level 3

    Unless I'm wrong I don't belong to a team..I LOVE his deliveries they come in handy throughout the ga

  • LaurenmlhLaurenmlh Posts: 216 Level 3

    I love Dach's but have noticed recently that the tasks have changed.... No more extra hard levels, clearing octopuses, spreading the jam. I don't like that on the whole(keep extra hard away) . I liked having to go in and be accountable for the board I was on to advance. Now I can sit on whichever one and it doesn't change much. I'd like the level challenges back and the different jellies too (especially if you're grouping us with like levels)

    I do wish the rewards were more.... Or progressed... It's 30 minutes of two boosters and sometimes lollipops depending on where they are... How about as we clear deliveries it we get more? For example, on delivery one you'd get 30 minutes of two boosters and only 20 points to a lollipop but on delivery three you'd get an hour of boosters and two lollipops and etc....

    The duration I think works, although the opportunity for more rewards is always enticing 😂

    I feel like it's all very clear and a really fun event - I look forward to it each time it comes around.

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 7,075 Level 4

    @Lola_Pop, and The Design Team of Candy Crush Friends Saga

    Re: Dachs Delivery is a very good Team Challenge and brings members together to compete for great rewards and sometimes characters if we are able to acquire them during the competition, although as several have mentioned it is hard to keep lives within the game as some levels are "beyond trying" with being hard, or super hard levels in fact it doesn't matter which characters you use sometimes your just going to lose that level no matter what, and the life is lost.

    My point is to improve Dachs Delivery would to bring "Time limit Free Lives" as the other King Games have, maybe not as in a Team event but this would bring CCFS to the top of the competition Team Challenge Games. I believe this would make it for a more enjoyable game and event....as it seems to freeze up on some levels on some of the members at times.

    I thank you for your time and hope you take this into consideration my friend 😉😎

    me6412 aka David

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 20,244 Sweet Legend

    So to the badger delivery service. It's awesome and I get the chests quickly. It could be a lot longer. Sometimes you just can't finish it and it just goes away. You could remove the 700 levels.

  • MollySMollyS Posts: 1,082 Level 4

    Thank you for asking about this @Lola_Pop and thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    I have not played Dach’s Delivery event in recent months. I did play this event a while ago and found that I was the only person playing, completing tasks by myself. It was difficult to make much progress, probably because I am not on a specific team, so I stopped playing it. I see that now it is back and it keeps popping up twice in my game after every level. It would be OK to have it pop up once but then it should go to the background if the player does not want to start the event. Maybe I will give it another try next time. Thanks. 

  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 18,437 Legend

    I enjoy Dachs Delivery

    I was surprised to see that the quest one had disappeared at least that one was quite easy to complete.

    Also my team seems to have disappeared so I’m the only one playing which makes it really hard to win 🥇.


  • teresawallace44teresawallace44 Posts: 3,406 Pyramid Moderator

    Hi @Lola_Pop

    I really enjoy playing Dachs Delivery. I’m on a great team and we advance far in the deliveries. We as a team, work together great. I think the times boosters could be stored for a short while so you can use them when you have a few lives. I usually run out of lives when it’s time to collect the rewards that includes timed boosters. 💕🤗

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim 💕

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 3,210 Soda Moderator

    Yes, let's discuss Dachs Deliveries 😅 cos it's been months now and I'm still baffled by it.

    I'm on +3000 level on my King account. I use 2 devices, android and w10 app. Teams and Dachs never appear on their own. I can make them temporarily appear if I log out and log in (after I close and open the app everything is gone again). Even then, I can't see Dachs in a week when I know for sure it's active and in a team where my team mates are currently playing but not me. I only see "events coming soon". I've been waiting cycle after cycle of dachs deliveries to see that "soon" become "now" but I came to the conclusion my account is the issue.🤔

    I made a second account as a test. I played the first 30 levels and then team feature appeared and it was stable on my app. I could close and open the game but team was still there. I even got active Dachs deliveries in a random team when it was about to end. It was fun but I wasn't playing with my progress.

    So is my user id the issue here? Should I ditch my account where I saved my +3000 progress in favor of a new one to get a working team feature? How does it work? 🤔


  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 11,227 Ambassador

    Hi @Lola_Pop I really like Dash Deliveries 😃

    I think it’s great to have an event like this that’s all about helping you get goodies for your game and that you have to earn it while playing your regular levels is even better, it’s a boost to help us get to a milestone like 1000, 2000, etc…

    I’m with a larger team and together we are able to achieve quite well, there’s always someone who can play to get us further while others can’t play, let’s face it, we can’t play 24/7 even if we would love to 😂 There’s people in different time zones so some play while others sleep 😁 But for those who are in smaller groups might find it more challenging to complete or if there part of a group that doesn’t help ( been there before) Maybe there would be a way to make easier versions for those who are in smaller groups 🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s say if you’re in a smaller group, you would get an easier Dash Delivery compared to a larger group, the would get a harder Dash Delivery.

    I also really like the prizes, they are very useful, I would like to see some GB though. It could be a reward if your team does 5 Dash Deliveries, you get some GB. 😁 those come handy as well 😉

    All in all, I enjoy it a lot and would be sad if it was to be taken away ☹️ Please don’t. The studio does a great job, thanks so much 🥰🐰

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 735 Level 3


    I only have three wishes.

    1. Great desire.

    I want the star mission to change. And my team had to score not 100 stars, but at least 70.

    2. An even greater desire.

    I want there to be no such huge gap of 10-11 days between delivery series. These are boring days. And I see that not only I am bored, but other players from the team play little too.

    3. Greatest desire.

    I want the creative people who come up with all sorts of "treats" in the game (events, tasks, tournaments, deliveries, etc.) finally pay attention to the players who have reached the maximum levels. I have been writing about this issue in CCSS for a long time. But nothing has changed.

    Nobody pays attention to these players (and not only in CCFS). They feel useless on the team. And they are not as interested in playing as everyone else.

    I want these players to be able to complete at least 2-3 tasks at the old levels. And so that they enjoy the game and know that they are full-fledged players in the team.

    Now for these players there is only a quest with stars.

    But if CCSS is just boring to recruit stars (And let's be honest, the number of stars is not infinite.)

    In CCFS, this is also difficult, because the portal system discourages any desire to move to previous locations.

    Dear developers, I still do not lose hope that one day you will still pay attention to the players who play at the maximum levels. After all, they are your most loyal players.

    What have they done for you? They gave you a lot of their time. Many of them gave you a lot of money. Most of them, willingly or unwillingly, enthusiastically popularized your games among their acquaintances, which means that they attracted many new players.

    Can you do something for them?

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