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A rumor is spreading in the community

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,517 Community Hub Moderator

Tiffi has heard a rumor that the King Community is going to be a year old soon. She just loves what’s going on in the community. She loves meeting all the players and sometimes the studio Kingsters show up and speak to the players too! The Superstars are constantly on their toes trying their best to help the players. The Community Managers and Moderators are always planning new things for the players. And all those contests are super! She really wants to do something to surprise everyone, so she has to make some phone calls.

“I have to call my sister Kimmy,” Tiffi thinks to herself. “I also want to talk to Jenny to ask her if she would like to get involved in helping us get this surprise going. If we want to do this right, then we should really speak to the main characters in each King game to see if they would like to participate too. Let’s see what games we have.” 

“For Farm Heroes, we can call Amelia and she could share the information with Fidget and Hunter. We can contact Fern for the Pet Rescue games and then she can share the information with the saved pets. Then we have Helena and Kingsley from Pyramid Solitaire. For Diamond Diaries, if Lucy is travelling locally we can ask her. Otherwise we can find out if Aunt Bernadetta is available to meet with us. Then we have Stella from Bubble Witch 3 and Blossom from Blossom Blast Saga. Maybe Betty, Professor Alpha or Barney from AlphaBetty Saga can make it to our meeting. We can also contact the Shuffle Cats. Hopefully Montie or Ruby are available and then they can share the information with Walter. Not sure if Pepper and Sheldon from Pepper Panic Saga have been involved in the game lately. Same for Dixe and Dubby from Scrubby Dubby Saga. I’m not sure if they would show up but we can ask them anyway. I don’t think Papa Pear is available because he is very busy with his Papa Fiesta. Diggy from Diamond Digger Saga might not be available, but we can always ask him because we don’t want to leave anyone out.” 

Tiffi realizes that there is a lot of work to do and the anniversary will be coming up real soon, so she has to call Kimmy and Jenny to set up a meeting. 

Let’s continue - Tiffi calls Kimmy and Jenny

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