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Make it easier to friend

Warriorcatslover Posts: 186 Level 3
edited April 2022 in Ideas Archive

There should be a way to friend people!!

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  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,798 Friends Moderator

    Hi @Warriorcatslover Welcome to the King Community. You are here at Candy Crush Friends.

    You can make a lot of friends here in the community. You can introduce yourself and read what other community members are doing. You can take part in our competitions or take part in discussions. You are sure to find many friends here.

    Can you please explain to me what you want to achieve with your vote? Unfortunately, I can't really assign your idea.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,368 Sweet Legend
    edited September 2021

    Hello and welcome

    This area is the idea area to improve the game. This discussion area would be the right place to answer your question. In each area there is a note: With the request: Read before posting. You can make friends here in the community if you participate everywhere. And you can add friends to your game. This is only possible on the PC.

    Hello and welcome to this community.

    I took 2 pictures for you. It's easy. Groups of players come to you in your game and at the top is the symbol with the 2 people. The symbol for friends. You can let them inquire about and enter an email address of your friends yourself and then he will be with you in your group. So you can send your life back and forth.

    I hope this makes sense to you!

    I wish you a nice day

    Since this is not an idea, it could be closed!

    Thanks very much


  • Warriorcatslover
    Warriorcatslover Posts: 186 Level 3

    Hello @DieOmimi I would make it possible to friend people by searching their username on the app. @Spinnifix thanks for letting me know!!!

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,798 Friends Moderator

    @Warriorcatslover ok, and what should happen then?

    There is a team feature in the game where friends can connect. Either you join a team together if you already know the friend. or you join a team and then play with friends. Of course, you could also start a team yourself and then see yourself as a user in this team.

    That's why I don't understand at the moment what the studio should implement in your idea. Can you perhaps work this out and maybe also depict it with pictures?


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