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My Rainbow Odus is broken

Kate3AKate3A Posts: 1,317 Level 3
edited October 11 in Support

This morning when I loaded CCFS, Odus in the rainbow costume was not working right. He is flashing. Really fast and really bright, it's completely annoying. You can't look at it for long, it gives you headache 😕. The flashing grows in size rapidly and then disappears again, it's hard to capture it on screenshot. He's like that both in the game, and in my scrapbook :

I thought it was a temporary glitch, but I've played 2 more sets of lives since then and it's still like that. That is my favorite costume of him and I can't use it 😥. Am I the only one who has this problem? Any ideas? @DieOmimi can your team fix this? I really hope more players have this issue (hey, not because I want more of you to get frustrated!!!) so that the studio will fix it.

@Diamond Lim will you please tag some players? Thanks.



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