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Bug when using 2 accounts on 1 device (Android)

wwwllllwwwllll Posts: 3 Newbie


We are using 1 Android with 2 accounts for me and a family member.

It works fine - for a time. It has happened 4 times now that when switching accounts, the accounts seems to get merged.

I.e. the 2nd account jumps to the same level as my user and I get the same profile pic. My email also displays as the 2nd account, although I can still log in with my own email.

Problem is that the family member does not want to jump up 2000 levels, so she starts over again. And again. And again.

Is there a work around that the 2nd account will stay on the level where she last stopped? Every time?


  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,071 Friends Moderator

    Welcome to the King Community at Candy Crush Friends. 

    Please read this article and follow the steps in it. I hope I was able to help you.

    How to get your game progress back on an Android device - Facebook Connected! — King Community

    I am glad that you have found your way into the community. I think it would be nice if you stay and have fun with other players from all over the world. Thank you very much. 

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  • wwwllllwwwllll Posts: 3 Newbie

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    I tried it as close as possible, but no luck.

    Basically this is the steps (steps with a -- are from your link, and with a * is my feedback:

    - Disconnect the game from Facebook or King account.

    • Neither of the 2 accounts are facebook accounts. Both are "Email" accounts, and I have signed out of these anyway.

    - Now, delete the Facebook App from your phone (if you have it installed).

    • As the accounts are not Facebook accounts, I did not uninstall Facebook. Happy?

    - Next, we need to go to Settings, then App Management, now chose the app and Clear Cache.

    • I cleared the cache by going to Settings --> Apps --> Candy Crush --> Storage --> Clear Cache (I also tried Clear Data)

    - Finally, open the game select "Connect", this should open a Google Chrome window for you to sign in to Facebook or you can connect to your King account by selecting the orange icon.

    • I signed in again using "Sign in with Email"

    - Once you're back in you can reinstall the Facebook app if you like.

    The 2nd account still jumps to level 2500+ instead of 100 where she was before.

    Did I miss something?

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,071 Friends Moderator

    @wwwllll ok, maybe I got you wrong. Please see if these steps will help you if you're playing with two accounts on one device: 

    If you are careful then you should have no problems at all with 2 people playing on the same device with different King accounts.

    What's important is that you keep these steps in mind when switching between players.

    • Make sure that the last person has signed out of their King account in the game.
    • Force close the game.
    • Wait a few seconds and then reopen the game.
    • Finally, sign into the other King account and off you go!

    This isn't complicated but just needs the player to keep it in mind before jumping in. If you don't, you could jump into your game at a higher level, link it to the wrong King profile and over-write the progress held there. So take a moment before you play to think about who's logged in.

  • wwwllllwwwllll Posts: 3 Newbie

    Thanks, will try. Anyway I can get my bonuses back? All my hamers etc are now gone and I had quite a few before the merge?

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