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🍭The Friends-Jelly Games are here! 🍮

Lola_Pop Posts: 11,994 Community Manager
edited November 2021 in Contests

Dear Friend-tastic players,

Are you up for...

  • Some good fun & healthy competition
  • Winning shiny Gold Bars and Badges
  • Teaming up with your friends?

If you are, we have something sticky and sweet, sassy and very yummy for you today!

The first ever Friends- Jelly- Games!

1️⃣ What is the competition about?

It's a 4 week long team contest, divided into 2 quests:

🍭 First Quest: 

Where: In the Friends Community

What: Spread that Jam

How: Which team spread the most jam? 21 screenshots max per team/individual player

How long: 2 weeks: from November 15 to November 29

🍮 Second Quest:

Where: In the Jelly Community

What: Spread that Jelly in Jelly Queen levels

How: Which team collects the most jelly? 21 screenshots max per team/individual player

How long: 2 weeks: from November 29 to December 13

2️⃣ Contest Rules:

  • Teams of 1 (yes, you can play alone) to max 4 players
  • Each team member has to post at least 1 screenshot during the challenge
  • Teams must participate in both quests with at least 1 screenshot in each quest (at least 1 member of each team has to post a screenshot)

3️⃣ Rewards:

  • Gold Bars: Gold (120) , Silver (80) , Bronze (40) in each game, to be divided among the members of the team
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze badge for best teams in both competitions (team with most Jelly and Jam in total)
  • Participation badge: cheer for your favorite team, post an encouragement gif, a meme, whatever using the words "Friends Jelly Games", "Spread the Jam!" or "You got this Jelly!" and get a badge

4️⃣ And now to the teams:

  • Tag your friends in a comment here below to form your own team
  • Max players: 4. You can also play alone. In that case, you’ll have to participate with one screenshot in each competition, and you can post max 21 screenshots in each game
  • Once the team is formed, please comment with the following information:
    • Name of the team
    • Members of the team
    • Spokesperson (in charge of adding up the team’s results)
  • IMPORTANT: You just need to enrol your team once: you can do it here or in the Jelly Community, as you prefer!

And that's it! You have time until the 14th of November to form your dream team- the Friends Jelly Games are starting on Monday, 15th 🤗

If you have any question, please drop them below 😊

Terms & Conditions here

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