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Syncing Devices

Groovey Posts: 3 Newbie

I am just as frustrated as the previous post. Keep getting links & suggestions & nothing is working. THEN I was sent 20 of each booster & now they are all gone. I downloaded the DB gaming App & did the streaming but couldn't get it to do to the game I've went on FB to make sure it's active. Can't find that either. Granted I'm not FB savvy but I find the community is not user friendly.


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,403 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome

    Did you uninstall and reinstall your game? If so, I'm sorry to have to say that all boosters can be lost when you uninstall. Are you on Because there you don't have the same problems as in FB. Please let me know, because I would like to help you! thanks

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 9,470 Friends Moderator
    edited November 2021

    Dear @Groovey,

    Welcome to our Friendly Community! Just as my friend @Spinnifix suggested, you will have greater reliability by creating a user account on Instructions on how to do that are available here. Personally, I do not have a FB account, but I know that many players experience glitches when playing King games on FB.

    Regarding gold bars and boosters: Your gold bars will be stored in your account, but boosters are stored locally on the device on which you are playing. Consequently, if you play on multiple devices, you will see the same amount of gold bars but different amounts of boosters on the different devices.

    It is also helpful to ensure your device and games are updated.

    Please let us know if you need additional help.

  • Grumpy_Old_Man
    Grumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    Hi @Groovey but I didn't understand some of what you said. Could you word it a bit differently?

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