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Gestatten? Mein Name ist Frederic Christian Reuter

FCRprv Posts: 9 Level 2

my Name is "Frederic Christian Reuter" and i had played Candy Crush since 2013 (i think so) and Soda a couple of Days after it was available over Apples Playstore. At that time still under iOS, now sometimes on Android and sometimes on PC.

I am 55 years old, last worked as an administrative assistant (before I got sick) and before that I earned my living as a certified Appraiser.

I have no idea what else is being written here. I didn't even understand what this little confused discussion structure is supposed to be good for.

But, maybe, someone will explain it to me?!

I also hope that I landed on the right board and can only apologize if not. If that happend, just delete or move this Article and I'll wait and see what happens and who will responds?!

At the End and most important: stay healthy, Guys and enjoy your Life and CandyCrush! Greating from the German side Lahn valley🤗


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