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Keep the Lands from the special challenges…

Cassandra303 Posts: 10 Level 2

For CCF, they make such stunning worlds for the special costume challenges and we only get to see them for what 10 days? I don’t understand that, they work tirelessly and endless making these worlds just to give them to just for a few days? I see them and fall in love, dreading the day they leave, instead of 4 lands we could have over a dozen by now. I just don’t understand why they don’t permanently add them to the game, I can only pray some day they will 🤞🏼 my favorite land was not that long ago, it was for the Jelly Queen with the hand fan costume. The land was purple with tea cups, candy crush cookies, gorgeous colorful fireworks and a lovely stone statue of the JQ at the end stating with stone columns, and several other things ☕️ do you have a favorite challenge land that you miss?

Signed, protégée of The Jelly Queen 👑


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