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Dachs delivery service

nixbarchettanixbarchetta Posts: 6 Level 2

The last few times I’ve had Dachs delivery service pop up in my game Ive not had anyone else playing in my team. This means I never achieve any rewards. Why is this happening?


  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,704 Friends Moderator

    Hi @nixbarchetta Welcome to our sweet community. I'm sorry you don't have anyone on your team. Are you all alone in a team? I mean, if you click on the team icon at the bottom right of your map, who do you see? 

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  • SolarwaveSolarwave Posts: 34 Level 2

    @nixbarchetta, Hello, if you're not in a team, I lead a team called the godly lovers with 4 players joined. If you are in a team then discard this reply.

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