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Forced to lose in 4478

AkumaXX Posts: 450 Level 3

Two cases: If Olivia uses her ability upon entering 2nd board, it's possible to lose.

The other game in same level I cannot give up due to out of moves normally, and since I don't waste gold here, I have to kill the app to quit.


  • Laurenmlh
    Laurenmlh Posts: 1,184 Level 5

    Hi, do you have active boosters or have you watched an ad? Sometimes this can force no moves

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 9,482 Friends Moderator

    Hello @AkumaXX,

    I have encountered the same issue on occasion when using Olivia. Unfortunately, when the game freezes, I am forced to quit the level and lose a life -- very frustrating! However, when this happens, we can report it to the Studio to get the glitch fixed. It is usually associated with a specific character so you can play the level with a different character while we wait for the fix. Screenshots are helpful, but most important are the level number and the Friends character involved. Please send that information when you report such issues so we can focus our efforts.

  • AkumaXX
    AkumaXX Posts: 450 Level 3
    edited July 2022

    This screen actually brings another flaw in the shuffle mechanism in CCFS. If it's CCS, shuffle can cause immediate matches to break free from such situation. However shuffling in CCFS is such coded to enforce no match afterwards. This also increases overall difficulty since shuffle never gives additional cascades.

    Though, this shuffling is not useless. If the problem is caused by not enough candy of any color, then it can enforce one color to have 3 for matching.

  • AkumaXX
    AkumaXX Posts: 450 Level 3

    Sadly, this is the 2nd screen and is not affected by boosters. You simply get her ability charged while leaving 1st screen, and you lose for no reason.

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