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Friends Headquarters - Crushilicious Games

Minatozaki Posts: 804 Community Manager
edited October 2022 in Discussions

Welcome, Candycatchers!

This is your corner! Here, you can meet your team and directly send reminders to your teammates, ask them questions, ask for help, etc.

Team Members:

@wykoon @CassD @LeFlarcane @Kiki_g @Laurenmlh @LoveDachs @kiara_wael @adidas11zs1982 @siti_payung @EOTheGr8 @KCullen127 @MountainMom @gordan10 @rebelchild @PummyRaj @jeanps @Diamond_Lim @BuffaloGal57 @quad5 @La Ley @maf34100 @Anahita_2005 @lelensp @Iffu2 @me6412 @simplyP @Dleo

If you're not on the team, please do not comment, or your comment will be deleted. Please respect the Team. If you want to join Crushilicious, please check HERE.

Details about the game will be released on October 3rd!



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