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New account settings

Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

So, I have been wondering, why are we only allowed to link a Facebook account or a king account to save our game progress? If something happens to your Facebook account or king account and you can't use it anymore then you'll have to restart at level 1. Idea#1: Make a profile setting to link both a Facebook account and a king account at the same time. I think players would love to be reassured that their game progress is still being saved on two different accounts just in case something happens to one of them.

Idea #2: To be able to transfer game progress to a different account.

Ex: My friend played candy crush but stopped playing so he or she let you continue playing but the game progress is connected to the friend's Facebook or king account. You want to have the game account under your name but can't since you'll start from level 1.

Whats your feedback on this? Would it be helpful?

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