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Can't merge accounts

Solarwave Posts: 240 Level 3

Hi, I keep getting this pop up that asks me if I want to merge my community account with my account that I use for king games, when I click the button to take me to my profile but nothing happens. I went to the discussion about it and I don't have the option that they do. The option that says " Link account." Help please


  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,753 Friends Moderator

    Hi @Solarwave maybe this is related to the changes in the community. I'll call our community manager @Minatozaki. She may have the opportunity to help you in her function.

    I was able to merge my community with my game account. But that was long before we got the new look in the community. I do not know whether this has now led to technical problems with it. I hope @Minatozaki can solve it. 🙏

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