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(ENDED) 🌷 🌻 Spring has sprung Candy Crush Friends Saga global event 🌻 🌷

MountainMom Posts: 10,520 Friends Moderator
edited April 2023 in Contests

Howdy Friends! Are you ready to have some Springtime fun?

This is one of seven games that are part of a community-wide contest event. You have a chance to win 20 gold bars from each contest!  After you have entered all seven contests, go to the Community Hub HERE  and list the spring image and its corresponding value for each of the seven contests (for example: flower = 7, etc.). Once you have posted your answers to the 7 game puzzles in the HUB contest, you will receive a special badge and have a chance to win 50 Gold Bars in the game of your choice!

Look at the math puzzle below 👇

You need to figure out the missing numbers. There are 9 squares and each number (1 through 9) can only be used once. Each row must add up horizontally to the numbers on the right side of the box; each column must add up vertically to the numbers below the box.

One of the squares has Spring Jelly Queen in it. You need to list this image and the number it corresponds to in the community hub (along with the images and numbers from the 6 other contests).

You have two options for posting your completed math puzzle:

(1) attach it using the paperclip function OR ...

👈 (2) use the spoiler 👈 to list the numbers in each of the three rows and indicate which one corresponds to the space occupied by Spring Jelly Queen. 

Five players who get the correct answer to this puzzle will be randomly selected and awarded 20 gold bars in their Candy Crush Friends Saga game. If you do not yet play Candy Crush Friends Saga, you can download the game HERE.

Don’t forget to enter the Contest in the Community Hub. All participants will get this special Spring Has Sprung badge!

The competition ends on 21 April 2023, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (11:00 Eastern Daylight Time)

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Terms and Conditions here.



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